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I’m sure that you’ll probably see a case of bronchiolitis this winter. Call it a hunch. In this episode of PEM Currents you’ll learn why suctioning and ensuring hydration are still the mainstays of therapy, and why albuterol, racemic epinephrine, steroids and more don’t have a place in routine cases. And if you read any publication to supplement this podcast make it the most recent American Academy of Pediatrics Guideline on Bronchiolitis.

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Infectious Diseases Podcast

An interview with Todd Florin on bronchiolitis, hypertonic saline and more

I’m delighted to share the latest PEM Currents podcast! I recently sat down with Todd Florin, one of the faculty physicians at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center and talked about bronchiolitis, delving into the controversies around the use of hypertonic saline, albuterol and more. Todd also recommended that all of my listeners check out the current AAP Bronchiolitis Guideline, which I’ve linked here. AAP Bronchiolitis Guideline



High Flow

This episode of PEMCurrents is narrated by Brad Sobolewski and focuses on the use of high flow in bronchiolitis. Learn about the application of high flow nasal cannulas, the mechanism behind their generation of positive airway pressure, as well as some of the literature behind its beneficial effects.

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