Yes, PEM Currents is a Pediatric Emergency Medicine podcast, but during the COVID-19 pandemic we may be tasked with seeing patients outside of our area of expertise. Plus, there’s a lot we can learn from big people that we can extrapolate to children. I have partnered with POPCoRN, the Pediatric Overflow Planning Contingency Response Network to deliver content that will benefit those of us who may have been asked to care for adults both in their native habitat, and in our pediatric facilities. This episode, brought to you by yours truly and Barrett Burger, a Medicine-Pediatrics Resident from the University of Arkansas focuses on delirium and confusional states and delivers some sound advice on how to address the confused patient. Though this is geared towards the care of adults there are some great pearls to help with patients of any age.

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By bradsobo

Brad Sobolewski, MD, MEd is a Professor of Pediatric Emergency Medicine and an Associate Director for the Pediatric Residency Training Program at Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center. He is on Twitter @PEMTweets and authors the Pediatric Emergency Medicine site PEMBlog and produces and hosts the PEM Currents: The Pediatric Emergency Medicine Podcast.

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