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Interview with Ben Kerrey about Pediatric Rapid Sequence Intubation

Ben Kerrey is a rising star in Pediatric Emergency Medicine and is the point man for an ongoing initiative at Cincinnati Children’s centered around improving safety and limiting complications during rapid sequence intubation. I recently sat down with Ben to talk about the state of RSI in pediatric patients, the difference between a checklist and a a true cognitive aid, the role of residents during RSI and more.

You can check out several related articles right here – all provided by Dr. Kerrey.

By bradsobo

Brad Sobolewski, MD, MEd is a Professor of Pediatric Emergency Medicine and an Associate Director for the Pediatric Residency Training Program at Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center. He is on Twitter @PEMTweets and authors the Pediatric Emergency Medicine site PEMBlog and produces and hosts the PEM Currents: The Pediatric Emergency Medicine Podcast.

5 replies on “Interview with Ben Kerrey about Pediatric Rapid Sequence Intubation”

We have instituted both a checklist and a second MD at our shop with good uptake and I suspect, but can’t prove, better safety.

We also have subscribed to a national airway registry database. It pools data from all the subscribers to give you quarterly stats on how your shop compares to other (ICU and ERs).

Website looks a bit amateur, but the data provided has been helpful.

I’ll have to ask ben if he follows the database. Ben’s ongoing work has done a lot to show that our checklist is indeed safer and more effective – glad to hear we’re not the only ones 😉

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