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Swallowed Foreign Bodies

Kids eat stuff they’re not supposed to. Most of the time foreign bodies pass harmlessly through the GI tract. Occasionally they will get stuck. It is your job to figure out who has an impacted foreign body, and how to diagnose and manage it.

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By bradsobo

Brad Sobolewski, MD, MEd is a Professor of Pediatric Emergency Medicine and an Associate Director for the Pediatric Residency Training Program at Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center. He is on Twitter @PEMTweets and authors the Pediatric Emergency Medicine site PEMBlog and produces and hosts the PEM Currents: The Pediatric Emergency Medicine Podcast.

2 replies on “Swallowed Foreign Bodies”

Just joined the podcast. Keep up the great work! Love the topics.

Glucagon… Really wouldn’t advise this at all. Really no evidence at all as you know. Study published right when this podcast was also published (not peds I know, but probably as good as it’s going to get on this topic).

Effectiveness of glucagon in relieving esophageal foreign body impaction: a multicenter study
Bodkin, Ryan P. et al.
The American Journal of Emergency Medicine , Volume 34 , Issue 6 , 1049 – 1052

Thanks for the feedback and the link David – didn’t see that one since it was adult. I agree that it’s not part of our practice either.

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