Dental Procedures

Tongue Lacerations

Tongue lacerations are surprisingly common in the Emergency Department. Fortunately most of them don’t require any specific interventions. You just let them go and they heal on their own. Really. But if you do have to repair I offer advice in this brief episode.


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Resource from the British Dental Journal that has EXCELLENT pictures of healing tongue lacerations to share with patients and families.


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Dental Infections

To tell you the tooth you’ll probably see quite a few kids with dental related complaints in the Pediatric Emergency Department. This can range from cavities to invasive infections. Brush up on all things dental infections in this episode of PEM Currents. And yes, those puns were intentional. I must’ve flossed my mind!

PEMBlog Briefs: Odontogenic Infections 

Sandor et al. Antimicrobial Treatment Options In the Management Of Odontogenic Infections. Journal of the Canadian Dental Association, 1998.

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Unexplained Bruising in the Young Child

This edition of PEM Currents, the Pediatric Emergency Medicine podcast briefly addresses which bruises are concerning in children under the age of 4, and what the ensuing workup should entail. You can also read more on a companion PEMBlog post.


Dental Trauma

PEM Currents cuts to the tooth of the matter in an effort to help you brush up on dental trauma. Ted Brenkert has been chomping at the bit to fill the cavities in your brain with useful knowledge.