Your time is valuable and so is mine. That’s why I’m sharing brief, focused podcast episodes that will hone in on a single problem. This time, it’s deep venous thromboses (DVT). Learn how to suspect them in the first place and make the diagnosis.

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I am proud to offer CME and MOC Part II through Cincinnati Children’s for listening to my podcast. All you have to do is listen to these four brief episodes that were released in the last couple of months, and then complete the multiple choice questions at the following link. Note that registration is open to any provider seeking physician CME even if you are not a Cincinnati Children’s employee.

The link to the CME for these episodes are:

The episodes included in this CME / MOC Part II program are:

Cannabis Hyperemesis Syndrome – 10/29/2021

Ovarian Torsion – 11/3/2021

Stress Dose Steroids – 11/9/2021

DVT 11/29/2021

That CME link again is –


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