CCHMC ED Rotation Orientation

In order to prepare you for your rotation in the Emergency Department at Cincinnati Children’s please review the following videos prior to your first shift. There are two videos – first the orientation to the ED, then an orientation to the Shock Trauma Suite.

After watching the videos please enter your name and email and then hit submit. An email will travel the interwebs to my inbox and let me know that you viewed the orientation website. Don't worry, your email is secure.

Thank you,
Caitlin Valentino, MD
Emergency Department Rotation Director

STEP 1 Orientation to the ED Rotation

STEP 2 Orientation to the Shock Trauma Suite

Additional Materials

ED Rotation Goals and Objectives

The current version of the rotation goals and objectives, delineated by level of training.

Milestones Evaluation Guide for the ED Rotation

This is the guideline that our faculty and fellows use to evaluate you during the ED rotation. Please take a look at which of the Milestones have been included as well as what the faculty will be looking at when they provide feedback to you.

Customizing the ASAP ED Epic Toolbar